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Lux Research has estimated that investments made in 2014 by Governments, corporations, and private investors (venture capitalists) in nanotechnologies amount to 18.1 billion dollars, with an increase of 1.2 per cent compared to 2012 figures.
The percentage of money invested by Italy in nanotechnologies is still lower the one of the countries currently at the forefront of the sector. Italy is among the first countries in the world for publications quality and quantity, but there are issues in transferring this knowledge to the industrial and commercial sectors.

Nanotechnologies are caracterized by a highly multidisciplinary and pervasive nature and are important in many fields of scientific and technological interest: they are employed, among others, in the energy, chemical, pharmaceutical and ICT industries. In addition to significant business opportunities, nanotechnologies offer the possibility to positively influence environment and health protection. Nanotechnologies can be classified in three main areas:nanomaterials, nanointermediates and nano-enabled products, where nanointermediates refer to nanomaterials converted to more usable forms such as a dispersion, ink, film etc. Thanks to their peculiar dimension, nanotechnologies are crucial in resources saving and waste reduction.

In this scenario, GCA supports the identification of innovations in the field of nanomaterials, nanointermediates and nano-enabled products in order to foster a more efficient resources management. GCA focuses on economical, environmental and social opportunities on nanotechnologies in the following sectors:

  • New Materials
  • New Intermediates
  • Materials Re-Use
  • Material-Efficient Processes
  • Sustainable Design
  • New products
  • Cross-Sectional Technologies
  • Haptics
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Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is the international solutions based platform created in 2015 by Officinae Verdi, the energy investment company founded by UniCredit and the WWF Foundation (Italy). GCA was created to accelerate scalable cleantech and pertinent digital innovations by using sustainable finance, supporting the paradigm shift towards a green | circular economy.

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