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GCA| Innovation Accelerator® is the international solutions based platform focused on green & circular economy investments development through cleantech and digital innovations. With a deep knowledge and a powerful worldwide network we deliver concrete acceleration to sustainable-large scale projects implementation for Governments, Funds and Corporations. We operate in 4 key sectors: Green Energy & Efficiency, Food Agriculture & Water, Nanotech & New Materials, Big Data. We enable investments through financial network capacity.

GCA | Quants® - through the super calculator capacity of CMCC – delivers global long term prediction on geo climatic risks. Our assessment allows predictions on commodities’ stocks, and the social and environmental related issues in order to better plan long term investments worldwide.

GCA | High Education® through the Scientific Room Network provides knowledge and high education programs to prepare a new generation of managers and the human capital growth of new generations.

GCA was created to promote and accelerate the market entry of green and scalable innovation in strategic sectors of the economy.  
From the creation of GCA, OV collaborates with an international network of incubators and business accelerators with the purpose of identifying, evaluating and deploying “ready to market” innovations in Italy and worldwide supporting the paradigm shift towards a green | circular economy.
GCA is a value and purpose driven platform operating in accordance with ethical criteria, transparency and accountability’s best practices and its main purpose is to promote the development of Green & Circular Economy and to act in compliance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP21) and the following UN Climate Change Conference held in Marrakech in 2016 (COP22).

About Us

Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is the international solutions based platform created in 2015 by Officinae Verdi, the energy investment company founded by UniCredit and the WWF Foundation (Italy). GCA was created to accelerate scalable cleantech and pertinent digital innovations by using sustainable finance, supporting the paradigm shift towards a green | circular economy.

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