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Big data are an asset of information characterized by high volume, velocity and diversity, which demand innovative forms for information processing. The amount of data in the world has been exploding, and an increased volume of information is expected to be availbe in the next future, due to – among others – multimedia and IoT. More than 4.5 billion of IoT devices are currently used to monitor real time processes in industry, environment and society in the world.

Big data are essential tools for value creation: they are useful to improve the development of products and services, and will become a key basis of competition.
Our partner CMCC has developed a high performance computing system, included in the Top500 most powerful supercomputers in the world. The Supercomputing Center, using latest technologies andaccording to the "Green computing challenge", provides simulations of the climate system on a global and regional scale, with increasing definition. Today global climate scenarios are developed by CMCC with a standard resolution of 0.5° latitude globally but regional simulations up to 2kmx2km resolution are today available for several regions of the world and/or produced at request. At the same time a new generation of frontiers climate impact models ranging from food production, hydrological risks, energy production, marine operations to tourism, health and migration have been developed in a cascade operation mode ready to be integrated in economic risk analysis.


Thanks to its own assets and the collaboration with CMCC, GCA is offering cutting-edge products on climate services, big data analytics and geo-climate risk assessments for investors in selected global regions.

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Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is the international solutions based platform created in 2015 by Officinae Verdi, the energy investment company founded by UniCredit and the WWF Foundation (Italy). GCA was created to accelerate scalable cleantech and pertinent digital innovations by using sustainable finance, supporting the paradigm shift towards a green | circular economy.

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