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We strongly believe in redistribution of wealth and social equity. GCA is committed to develop low cost, accessible and friendly technologies for improvement quality of lives of the most vulnerables people of our society. The 2015 State of Broadband report produced by the United Nations Broadband Commission found that 57% of the world’s population are offline and unable to take the economic and social benefits the world can offer via technology.

We believe in social empowerment through sustainable, smart and frontiers technologies to improve human wealth and security. Aspects like healthcare, social stability, food rights, security and equity can be solved by a big shift of technological access from the most rich and wealthy citizens to the poors of our society.

In this respect we are developing low cost, massive IoT, intelligent and accessible devices which can be used in food production, energy saving, tele-medicine, social networking and co-working to empower poor people to develop their social realization.

Thanks to our assets and business relations we aim to catalyse private and public stakeholders to work on such technological social empowerment.

Althoug it is expected a general growt of connected devices per capita, the digital divide is bound to further increase. Whereas the growth rate is expected to raech 12-14% in developed countries, it will be significantly slower in developing countries (9%).


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About Us

Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is the international solutions based platform created in 2015 by Officinae Verdi, the energy investment company founded by UniCredit and the WWF Foundation (Italy). GCA was created to accelerate scalable cleantech and pertinent digital innovations by using sustainable finance, supporting the paradigm shift towards a green | circular economy.

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