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EXPO 2017, Green Capital Alliance with Nobel Prize Riccardo Valentini launches a call for action for Innovation

Nobel Prize 2007 Riccardo Valentini, as Green Capital Alliance innovation platform’s Scientific Room chairman, launches a call for action to scientists and governments to address Climate Change: rethink scientific research in a multidisciplinary, solution-based, way, ready to place sustainable innovations on the market. Valentini speaks during a remarkable event, 2017 World Congress of Engineers and Scientists in Astana, Kazakhstan capital city and EXPO 2017 location from June 10th to September 10th.



“Climate change is not only an energy problem. We should address it considering the food-energy-water nexus. New renewable energy technologies, production and storage, are needed also in the agricultural and water sector”. In a scenario where world population is constantly growing (+2 billions people expected by 2050), food needs constantly evolve (consumption patterns and varieties of foods are changing), and climate change strongly effects agriculture, fishing and forestry, Riccardo Valentini, Nobel Peace Prize 2007 with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), chairman of CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change) and Green Capital Alliance’s Scientific Room, from Kazakhstan capital city and EXPO 2017 location Astana highlights the need of a more incisive and coherent action to contain resources exploitation and at the same time to guarantee food safety for the whole Planet without affecting its Natural Capital.

The concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are at the highest they have been in the past 800 million years. Current levels of CO2 have increased by 30% from pre-industrial times, and they continue to rise” Valentini explains, and highlights also the increased resources need to feed a ever growing population. “This is an unprecedented velocity of transformation that our Planet and human society had never experienced”

The scenario referred by Valentini is itself a call to action. A quick, strong, effective action. “It’s time to re-think the actual agri-food system, which is not sustainable anymore”.

Balancing food needs of a growing world population (+2 billions by 2050) and at the same time keeping global temperatures rise under 2°C, reducing pressure on natural resources: a challenge we can face only switching paradigms: “Separation of human knowledge into disciplines is no longer an option. To face the complexity of the problems, which undermine our future, we need a new multidisciplinary and holistic thinking, we need to launch a call for action to scientists, corporations and governments to create a new set of paradigms and rules, new solutions, new business models” says Valentini.

And these are also the guidelines of Green Capital Alliance (of which Scientific Room Valentini is the chairman), an innovation platform supported by an international network of more than 30  Universities, Research Institutes and incubators: one of GCA fundamental pillars is specifically multidisciplinarity. GCA fosters a solution-based research, with the purpose to place on the market innovations that are ready to be field tested. A non-sectorial research, integrating IoT, agriculture, new material, renewables, nZEB, in a sustainable, green ad circular economy model mainframe.

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Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is the international solutions based platform created in 2015 by Officinae Verdi, the energy investment company founded by UniCredit and the WWF Foundation (Italy). GCA was created to accelerate scalable cleantech and pertinent digital innovations by using sustainable finance, supporting the paradigm shift towards a green | circular economy.

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